Coming July 21, 2020

Coming July 21, 2020

The Woman Before Wallis is based on the true story of Thelma Morgan Furness, the American woman who lost Edward, Prince of Wales, to Wallis Simpson in 1934. It centers on Thelma’s real-life involvement in The Matter of Vanderbilt, a trial which saw Thelma’s twin sister, Gloria Vanderbilt, sued for custody of her daughter on charges of negligence, unfit parenting and homosexuality. As her sister gains international notoriety, Thelma looks on, knowing that her own fall from grace might not be far behind.

““Brimming with scandal and an equal amount of heart, Bryn Turnbull’s debut is an absolute delight. Readers can’t help but root for Thelma as they’re thrust into her glamorous and challenging life in the public eye. Turnbull has created a sweeping yet intimate look at the lives of some of history’s most notorious figures from Vanderbilts to the Prince of Wales. Rich detail cataloguing fascinating historical events from a fresh perspective, effortless prose, and compelling characters make this book unputdownable. The Woman Before Wallis is a must-read for historical fiction lovers.”—Chanel Cleeton, New York Times bestselling author of When We Left Cuba and Next Year in Havana

“An exciting look into the scandalous, fabulous lives of the Morgan sisters… and Wallis Simpson up close and personal — what could be more wonderful or more wicked? I loved this book.”Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of American Duchess

The Woman Before Wallis is a captivating, intimate story about the joys and heartaches of the woman who stole a prince’s heart…and then lost him to Wallis Simpson. Full of exquisite detail and atmosphere, it takes readers deep into the heart of glamorous New York and European society in the early 20th century. The story is breathtakingly rich and full of complex characters. Settle into a comfortable chair and get ready for a great read!” — Jeanne Mackin, bestselling author of The Last Collection

“Bryn Turnbull takes a story we think we know and turns it on its head, with captivating results. At its heart is Thelma Furness, the woman supplanted in Edward VIII’s affections by Wallis Simpson, but here she’s more than a footnote to history — she is the story. A beautifully written, meticulously researched and altogether memorable debut.”—Jennifer Robson, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Gown

“Thelma Furness is brought to glorious life in Bryn Turnbull’s debut The Woman Before Wallis. Readers will delight in her masterful weaving of high society, royal shenanigans, and family scandal as they rediscover one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating women. I look forward to reading more from this dazzling new author.” — Alix Rickloff, critically acclaimed author of The Way to London

“This stunning debut is certain to make Bryn Turnbull a rising star in historical fiction. The Woman Before Wallis is an illuminating novel about Thelma Morgan Furness’s love affair with Prince Edward, the bond with her twin sister and the sensationalized custody battle over her niece, Gloria Vanderbilt. Filled with saucy scandals, rich historical detail and lyrical prose, you will not be able to put this one down.” — Renee Rosen, bestselling author of Windy City Blues and Park Avenue Summer

"Juicier than trading gossip at the Ritz, The Woman Before Wallis spills the secrets of the woman who captivated King Edward before he was the king who gave up his crown. This is a glamorous story of just how far we're willing to go for love. Fabulous!" — Stephanie Thornton, USA Today bestselling author of American Princess and They Called It Camelot